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CrossFit Group Class

CrossFit group classes provide a challenging, yet rewarding and a fun atmosphere to help you achieve a high level of fitness through various WODs (workout of the day). Each group class can be modified to suit your individual needs and fitness level.

CrossFit Personal Training

If you want to fast track your fitness program, working with our personal trainer is the best way forward. Achieve your results with customized workouts, advice, and encouragement.

Nutrition Coaching

If you want to look and feel best, you just can't get away with changing your eating habits and cooking healthier meals. Also, if you want a faster result, it's always better to cope with nutrition than just training alone. Your nutrition coach works with you to ensure you meet your goals.

On Board

If you are new to training in our gym, don't worry, we will get you set up starting with our Foundation program. Our Professional coaches will guide you through assessment, communicate previous injuries, limitations, concerns through this program. We do this to ensure your safety and success in the future!



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