X Ray Team

Owner / Head Coach



I first started CrossFit since 2014 summer.

Playing basketball was one of things i had passion about, even did a little bit fitness training at global gym just to support me continue playing basketball.

Then a freinds took me to one of CrossFit boxes in Florida and try CrossFit. At first I wasn’t really into CrossFit, I was still afraid of going to CrossFit class might lose my time of self training at the gym. But as time goes by, I suddenly got hooked on this thing without noticing. And I started to see the Changes of my body, started making friends in the box, completely changed my life back then.

That’s when I started to have an idea of being a coach and opeing a CrossFit box (gym) to help others.

I kindly invite you to come on this whole fitness journey with me. You will be amazed.


Oscar Ma


I started CrossFit when CrossFit X Ray first opened its door in 2018. First time I tried, I was fascinated by its uniqueness and specialness. And my goal has always been fat lost and physique cut down. CrossFit X Ray not only helped me reach this goal, but also helped me become someone I’ve never thought of – a CrossFit Coach.

To me, CrossFit trains not only physically, but more mentally. It’s all about how strong your mind is to push yourself beyond your limits.

Another thing that I’m fascinated by CrossFit is the community. Cheers and encouragement from friends is definitely one of driving forces that pushes me forward. Therefore, if you want to take on more challenges and make your life more colorful and better, come join CrossFit X Ray!!!!!


Nearly 4,500 square feet of space

Shower rooms
Locker room
Air conditioning
and more is coming up

Equipment accessible use for members during opening hours


We cover a lot in class & utilize every minute. If you are late and we are still warming up, please assimilate into class by mimicking what you see in the class.


There’s always people lift more than you & finish workouts faster than you. Focus on yourself. We only care how well you move and how you scaled the workout properly. Coaches are here to help you improve safely and efficiently and long in the future.


Please pay attention and stop talking when the Coach is explaining the workout and the movements. While you may have heard the instruction for a deadlift one thousand times, it may be the first time for the person standing next to you. Besides you may just learn something new and it could be what separates you from your next PR!


Additional practicing prior to or after class must always be cleared with the coach on duty and should not interfere with the ongoing class. For more information about this, please see our “how to use open gym at X Ray” on our website.


Please introduce yourself to newbies. Remember the time you were also a newbie here? Let them feel welcome here.


Sign up as far in advance as possible so our coaches can prepare class ahead for you to get the best experience from the class.


We clean up equipment after everyone has finished the workout. In addition to equipment, it’s possible that in your CrossFit career you may sweat a lot or bleed, please use disinfectant to wipe them down.


Never ever drop an empty barbell or loaded with small plates or Dumbbells.


You know what’s not cool? When you barbell drops to the floor and bounces into someone else’s shin injuring them for weeks.


If you have already set up your equipment & space, don’t change up and use someone else’s during the workout.


At X Ray, no one breaks down their equipment until everyone has finished the workout. This is a common courtesy. You can cheer on others, grab a foam roller, or just sit and enjoy the down time, but don’t touch your equipment.


Chalk stays in the chalk bucket. The fact of the matter is that a little dusting chalk on your hands is all you need.


The coaches’ commitment to you is that we will come energetic and prepared for the day’s class. We will provide a class format that is professional, organized, and well-coached. We ask that you, our athlete, come prepared for class. Learn the workout, look up past Benchmarks and 1 rep maxes when relevant, and have any personal equipment prepared and ready to go. And, take detailed notes on your workouts so it fuels your preparation for next time.


Work hard and be optimistic. Every athlete pushes themselves in different ways on the term of respecting others. You can scream, cuss, cry, go to your happy place, bleed, or even rest… just don’t quit and respect others. Always be honest with your scores. This is also what CrossFit is all about. Cheering, Clapping, Encouragement are always welcome here.


Enjoy every second you spend at CrossFit X Ray, have fun!