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Crossfit X Ray?

From scientific and medical standpoints, x-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation to identify flaws or cracks in human structural component. Doctors evaluate and find solutions to recover from its flaws. At CrossFit X Ray, anyone who is committed to the program, we identify those flaws or cracks you may have and find solutions to recover from you flaws.

We believe in hard work, dedication, responsibility, and power of community. We take challenges just as we each face our own challenges every day. We strive to eat clean just because it can provide you the right and sufficient energy to support our daily lives. Overall, we are here to cross our minds, train our souls to be stronger, better, and healthier.

At CrossFit X Ray, Coaches hold numerous CrossFit certifications, great practical experiences and continuously further their education just to help you toward success.

In order to maintain quality classes, we keep our class size capped at 12 athletes. We believe that the coaching, instruction and group interaction are all optimized in a 1:12 ratio for class size.

At CrossFit X Ray, we do not sacrifice the programming in constantly varied just because of workout complexity and movement difficulty.

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