I was first introduced to CrossFit by a friend in the summer of 2014. At the time, I did not know how it would change my life. After my first group class, I left feeling uncertain if this new found fitness regime would help me achieve my goals. However, something was attractive about the methodology, and it was enough to keep me returning week after week. In a short amount of time, I began noticing improvements in strength, coordination, and agility.

I was fascinated by CrossFit because of its individualized results within the group class setting. Additionally, I immediately gained a community of people that encouraged, supported, and challenged me in my fitness journey.

After finishing my Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of South Florida, I returned to my hometown, Kaohsiung, to pursue my dream of opening a CrossFit box. One year later, CrossFit X Ray was born. Though the journey has not always been easy, seeing people improve their health and fitness in a fun community keeps me committed day after day.

Whether you are beginning your fitness journey, seeking new challenges, or achieving your goals, I invite you to join us at CrossFit X Ray. Together we are changing lives in Taiwan.

I kindly invite you to come on this whole fitness journey with me. You will be amazed.

Coaching Credentials:

  • CrossFit Level 3
  • CrossFit Specialty: Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Endurance



I majored in nutrition. At the same time, I also did some exercise. At first, I exercised just to maintain my health. After graduating from the university, I came to CrossFit X Ray and had my first experience of doing CrossFit. CrossFit has changed the way I think about exercise. Everyday can be challenging based on daily workout , and with classmates supporting and working out alongside you in a group class environment, has made me think that exercise is not just for maintaining health, if I can push myself a little bit more everyday, I can be stronger than just normal health.

A lot of people focus only on training and easily neglect nutrition, or the other way around to reach their goal. From my experience, both should co-exist and are extremely important in order to achieve optimal health, not just normal health.

As a CrossFit coach and a Dietitian, I want to be able to help our members to be able to reach their goals regardless of health, body physique, activity level, performance. Grow and grind together as a community.

Coaching Credentials:

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Dietitian