2020 CrossFit Open : Week 3 Guide

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Open 20.3 就在這週!!

Open 20.2 一樣做完讓人趴倒在地,對吧?希望上週開放時間的調整讓大家都有如期做到自己想要的目標。這週就讓我們繼續努力,現在進入白熱化階段!



在這週六,我們一樣跟 Penny 小廚房訂購午餐,如有確認要一起訂,我們會統一在 X Ray Family Line 群組 做統計,訂購時間到星期三晚上10點前截止。我們可愛的 Penny 也將在這週六在 X Ray 擺設攤販提供大家小點心,有嚐過她的手藝的人,都知道不容錯過喔!!!另這次會提供咖啡及茶供大家飲用喔!

備註:訂購午餐菜單選項會公布在 X Ray Family Line 群組


開場嘉賓 – 曾爸爸&曾媽媽
Open 測驗 60歲以上年齡組別唯二代表,完全發揮CrossFit 所要發揮其中精神,看到讓你嚇到吃手手,這場賽事就在週六早上10點,不容錯過!!!!


第三週攝影師 – Tami 及 熱身小短片





好消息! 各個贊助商再加碼~


更改為男女將各有一雙帶有客製化鞋扣的 CrossFit Nano 9。


– 更改為男女將各一套 Reebok 服飾 (上衣 + 下著)

All In

<每週 男女週冠軍>

– 乳清蛋白四包 / 人



上週開始,延續至 Open 結束,我們將調整為週五團課時間 Open Workout (1000為第一堂課,0800課因 Open 活動暫停),星期六 Open 活動,星期一 Open Gym 開放時段讓大家做最後衝刺及補做時間。星期六的活動時間會在星期五統一開放時間給大家報名。週一及週五開放讓大家跟裁判預約做測驗。



1. 訂購便當 (10/16 週三晚上10點截止訂購)

2. 週五早上8 點可至 CrossFit Games 官網或是來 X Ray 一起收看Open現場轉播。

3. 我們熱身小短片將會在週五中午時段,我們將會附上影片連結,了解測驗前熱身及動作標準。

4. 預約週六測驗場次 (將提供預約表)。場次公布及預約將在週五早上10 點過後開放。如週六無法到場者,確保預約週五團課及週一開放時段。

5. 無論是預約哪個時段者,切記都請提早30分鐘到場開始做準備及熱身,預約時間即為開始測驗時間到,如遲到者,將會跳過,並在最後時段補上。

6. 做比賽測驗

7. 吃午餐,喝杯咖啡喝杯茶,享受週六活動 !!

Open coming hot in 3rd week !!!!

Open 20.2 hurts like hell, right? Hope everyone reach their goals for 20.2. Let us Keep fighting for the 3rd week. Couple things you would expect this week:


Food & drinks

This week, we will partner with Penny’s Little Kitchen for ordering food as well. Please order food through our X Ray Family Line group. Deadline will be this Wednesday before 1000 pm. This week, our lovely member, Penny, will also set up a vendor get everyone snacked up during event on Saturday. FREE Coffee and TEAD for everyone on Saturday this week as well !!!


Menu is already announced in our X Ray Family Line group.


Opening Guests – DAD & MOM

This week we are honored to have mom and dad, Taiwan Represents at Open Master 60+ division, to be our first two athletes to do 20.3 this Saturday at 10am. You don’t want to miss it!!!!!


Week 3 Photographer – Tami & Warm up Video

This week’s photographer – Tami, will help us take awesome photos this week. Maybe bribe her with some chicken wings so you will look good on pictures.

And As you all know we will be running WODs in heats through the day, which means you will be responsible for warming yourself up but have no fear, you can still ask us questions when we are available to discuss about “to scale or not to scale”, how to approach the workout. This time, we will still make a short video including how to warm up (also will be written on the blackboard), movement standard to help you warming up yourself.


Event Prize

News Flash!!!! Our Sponsors are willing to give away more prizes for the event!!!!




– A pair of customized CrossFit Nano9 Shoes for Man and Woman


– Reebok Clothing for Man and Woman

All in


– 4 packets of protein / person


Make up Time

Starting from last week, we adjust our time to Friday group class to do the open workout. (0800 class will be canceled due to Open season, first class starts at 1000.) Saturday Main Event, and Open gym on Monday till the end of Open season.


Step by Step Guide to Week 3
1. Order your lunch! (Deadline is 10/23 Wednesday)
2. Watch the LIVE Announcement on Friday at 8am to learn the workout. Go to CrossFit Games website or come by the shop, we’ll have it on!
3. Our Warm Up Video will be ready before noon on Friday, simply just lick on the video link we sent to you to learn how to warm up and movement standard when it’s ready.
4. Sign-up on sheet on Friday for a heat time on Saturday. Heat times will be available after 10am on Friday. If you can’t make on Saturday, be sure to find a judge and sign-up for a regular group class on Friday or Open Gym time next Monday .
5. Show up on Saturday. We recommend arriving 30 minutes before your heat begins so you have plenty of time to change clothes, and get ready.
6. Do the workout!
7. Drink coffee or tea, eat lunch, and have a good time!


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